Bionutritec Liposomal S1 Somnidiol CBD
Bionutritec Liposomal S1 Somnidiol CBD

S1 - Somnidiol CBD

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The S1 formulation is a combination of Melatonin, Cannabis sativa full plant extract and Vitamin B6. It effectively reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, improves sleep quality and alleviates the feeling of jet lag. By using liposomal technology the absorption rate improves as well by up to 5x.

Melatonin is your body’s own substance with numerous important functions. Its production is conditioned by the day and night cycle - when the blue spectrum of the daylight vanishes in the evening, our body starts to produce melatonin. However, in modern life, we are exposed to LED and LCD lights which emit the blue spectrum of light and thereby inhibit the melatonin synthesis in our body. That may result in lower melatonin levels and troubles falling asleep.

While melatonin initiates the process of falling asleep it does not keep you sleeping. For that, we have added CBD which helps you reach a deeper sleeping stage and vitamin B6, which additionally relaxes the body. This makes S1 your perfect evening and travel companion.



  • Reduces the fall asleep time
  • Improves the sleep quality
  • Alleviates jet lag feeling


User reviews:

Really helps me getting some good sleep on long-haul flights. Not only that I fall asleep faster but am able to sleep longer as well.

Anneke, Rotterdam


I tried quite a few melatonin products. This one works best for me. The difference is not that much how fast I fall asleep but the depth of sleep and how well rested I wake up. 

Julie, London


If I had a stressful day I sometimes feel really anxious in the evening ad can't fall asleep. S1 really helps me get rid of it. I usually take it on the couch and wake uo in the morning to a still buzzing TV :D

Janusz, Łódź


Works great for me.

K., Vienna


Well worth the money

 A., Bonn


First time ordering, smooth process. Melatonin works as expected. Well, a bit better actually.

Toby, Aberdeen




Water; emulsifier: lecithin (SOY); humectant: glycerol; cannabis sativa extract; melatonin; vitamin B6.

This product contains phospholipids derived from non GMO soy lecithin.


Contains per 2 ml: 5 mg Cannabidiol (75 mg / 30 ml), 3 mg Melatonin (45 mg / 30 ml), 1,3 mg Vitamin B6 (19,5 mg / 30 ml).

15 servings.